Here at Broadfording Church, we are excited to announce our brand new Wednesday night kids ministry, Kids on The Move. This program will kick off on September 6th!

Every Wednesday, we will introduce a new bible story to the children, and help them interact with and understand God’s word through more than just listening. It doesn't end there; we will also be playing games, discussing the stories as a group, make crafts, and singing songs. We will be “on the move” with Jesus in SO many different ways!

Students will be separated into three age groups, but still, interacting in a big group setting. Our vision for this brand new ministry is that each child will grow, understand, and open up to God in a safe environment every week. We hope that while our children are growing, so is the ministry.

Kid’s on the move will take place from 7-8:30 every Wednesday night. Students will meet in the school building on Broadfording’s campus; they will be dropped off and picked up from the same location. Friends are encouraged to come, and energy is welcomed!!

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